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E-VeT has suffered a malware attack and the site is temporarily down and totally deleted for the safety of visitors whilst updated security systems are installed for your protection.

Most of E-VeT's activity centres around clinical discussions restricted to veterinary health professionals only.

If you qualify for membership as a veterinary surgeon, veterinary nurse, student or representative of an animal health related company then you may request membership of one or more of E-VeT's mailing lists by sending a message to the addresses below including details of your related qualifications. Membership is free and can be cancelled at any time. Members will not be subjected to any other advertising or unrelated mailings.

General Clinical Discussions:

Exotic Animal Discussions:

Social Chit-chat:              

There is also a public access group at: 

The mailing lists are hosted on Yahoogroups and are currently active


I would hope to have this site active again sometime in October but this attack has coincided with me moving house and taking on running a small farm. Spare time is a premium commodity right now.

Peter Knapp B Vet Med MRCVS